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Amanda's Witching Hour Recap & Photos

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In typical me style I am horrifically late getting these uploaded and organized but here they are, at last, a little over 400 pictures from TWH with some scattered commentary and doodles intermixed. Let me pause here to wave all all the lovely people, too numerous to name, I encountered over the course of the weekend; you may remember me as the girl with the phoenix tattoo and the little Harry doll, mostly by herself, looking slightly lost and overwhelmed and wielding a camera.

I also have all of these pictures saved in their original, high res (2272x1704) format, so if there are any you'd like to have a copy of bigger, comment or email me with the file name and I'll get that over to you. Also, if you'd prefer, feel free to browse all of these pictures without the commentary at my Photobucket account, iamortentia. You're welcome to use them for any iconage etc as long as you credit me, colors, for the photography.

Part I
Fanartist Panel; Salem; The Common Room at the Sheraton (49 photos)

Part II
Harry & The Potters; The Weird Cousins (66 photos)

Part III
Slash Panel; Quidditch (87 photos)

Part IV
The Quidditch Picnic; Panels; Salem (46 photos)

Part V
The Halloween Ball (47 photos)

Part VI
Dramatic Reenactments (91 photos)

Part VII
The Leaving Banquet (28 photos)

Recap from Silverhill (aka Kristin)

I've so enjoyed reading everyone's recaps of their time at The Witching Hour.

Here are mine, broken into the Wed.-Fri. recap and the Sat.-Mon. recap.

LJ names (where known) are referenced. But I met a ton of people, and I didn't get LJ names for all of them. (Those I did get I've added to my friends list.) So if I met you, reintroduce yourself, and I'll friend you. (Heck, even if I didn't meet you, feel free to say hi or make friends.)

Rundown while waiting for a flight

Writing this in the computer lab at MIT, as my flight has now been delayed three times, and my laptop chose Friday to stop working. ::pouts:: Outside of such petty annoyances, the past four days were an absolute whirlwind of fun. It's the most nonstop activity I've had since leaving Cambridge, and a wonderful break from lethargy, unemployment, and general feelings of uselessness.

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I'm utterly exhausted, but it was a great time. Now I'm just annoyed with AirTran. If they'd tell me about these flight delays a bit more in advance, I could theoretically get something useful done in the interim. But, as it stands, they do not. At least I've borrowed Trickster's Choice from adelynne, so that's nice and distracting. Although I'm still chronically sleepy...

In all, a wonderful symposium.
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Home and hating it!

Note: Crossposted to my LJ.

Oh, con drop is depressing, isn't it? I had such a good time at TWH, more fun than I even expected to have. It was great to be surrounded by fen for days, and the thought of going back to the real world is… blech. No! I want to pretend I'm at Hogwarts for another week, please!

I met so many amazing people, and that deserves another post. For now, here's what I did, in case you're interested. :-)

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ETA: Check out the _witchinghour_ LJ for newsletters and pictures from TWH!

So, Lumos! I'm planning to go. I've been asked to speak on a panel, and I'm thinking about submitting a proposal for a panel as well. I think it would be another fantastic weekend, and all in one hotel this time!